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Welcome to ‘If It Can Fly’

There is something magical when watching our favorite flyers break the bonds of gravity and take flight!   This is our hobby and our passion!

Our goal is to provide useful information on our favorite flyers and rc hobbies, including Free Flight Models,  Kites,  Helicopters,  Airplanes , Drones and much more.

If It Can Fly, we are probably enjoying its ascent upwards….or we are about to!

Our advice to all our site visitors….Get Out and Fly Something!

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If It Can Fly

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    Remote Control Airplanes

    There is an adrenaline rush experienced when you pull back on the elevator stick and push your RC Airplane into the air!

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    Remote Control Helicopters

    Yes, pulling back the stick on RC Aircraft is exciting, but oh my, the rush when flying a RC Helicopter cannot be matched!

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    Remote Control Drones

    A versatile flyer which easily branches into industrial uses along with the fun of a hobby is what you can expect with the Remote Control Drone.

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    Free Flight

    The joy of no controls! Sounds risky, but these Free Flight Flyers provide lots of fun, both indoors and outdoors!

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    Flying Kites

    Kite flying is enjoyed by the young and old alike. From easy flying to advanced stunt flying, it is all good clean fun!

Navigating the site.

We are building an exhaustive Regional / State List / Directory on the Flying Hobbies.  It is continuously being updated, check often!

Where are your interests and what is your experience level?  Read through each of our key area pages for more information on how to get started, or what the next step might be!

If you are interested in Kiting and new to it, jump right into it by reading through the different levels and challenges of flying kites by starting with our Flying Kites page.

If you have some experience with flying RC aircraft, whether it is a RC Airplane, a RC Helicopter or even a drone, then jump right into those pages.  However, because we want you to maximize your experience, we recommend you read our getting started in RC post, if you are new to the hobby and want to join in!  You will be happy you did!  Here, we’ve added many tips that will save you time, money and frustration!

Feel free to browse our Events and Directory pages.  Its important to support your local RC Hobby Shop whenever possible!

Whatever you are flying…enjoy!    Happy Flying!

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The Big 3 In Flying Hobbies:

Academy of Model Aeronautics

National Association of Rocketry

American Kite Fliers Association